Stop Being a Horrible Boss: Tips to be Much Nicer and Better

Being a manager can seem like the ultimate job, especially when you’re at the bottom of the career ladder and spend your days being bossed about. However when it actually comes down to being a good boss, it can be harder than it seems! Getting the mix right between being a boss and being friendly with your work colleagues can be hard!

What is important to remember is that your employees are important to you and the success of your business. You need them to work hard for you if you want your business to do well. The best way you can do this is to ensure that they respect you, but also that they’re passionate about getting a job done well! Getting help from a professional business consultancy services company can also help with this.

It is also important to make sure that you have a workforce you can trust. The last thing you want is to have to spend your time checking your employees work (and they don’t want that either). By making sure you have a workforce you can trust you can feel confident in delegating work to them and letting them get on with it. Having this responsibility will often mean that they work harder in ensuring that they do work well.

Getting to know your employees is also a great way to make sure that you get the most out of them. When you get to know them you’ll be able to see their strengths and what they can do well – that way you will be able to utilise them where it is best. When they see that you are paying attention to what they can do and that you want to make use of this they’ll respect you much more and be much happier to work for you.

By having a workforce you can trust you can also rely on them to make decisions for you. You won’t always be around to make decisions, so you need a team behind you that you can trust to make them on your behalf. Of course major decisions will need to be made by you, but everyday decisions you need to have people you can trust. Your workforce will also appreciate being trusted with such a big thing too – and knowing that this is something they can work towards is a fantastic incentive.

It is quite easy for power to go to your head, but this is the worst way to be a boss. If you start to throw your weight around and boss people about they will instantly lose respect for you. In general a workforce will stick together so if you manage to upset one or two of them, the rest of the workforce will stick by this. Rather than boss around everyone all the time, try and save it for when it is really needed! You don’t want to about it heavy handed, because it will end up backfiring on you.

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